Just recently an FCC filing included info about brand-new phone by Palm . The mobile phone is most likely on its method for launch. The gadget is currently codenamed as Pepito. The gadget looks a bit eccentric and various from other Android handsets.

The ‘Pepito’ handset features a 3.3 inch screen which is rather little and no longer seen in any mobile phone. It has 720p resolution for the screen. It sports a 3GB RAM, 32 GB on board storage and will be powered by Qualcomm Snapdragon 435 processor. Discussing battery, the gadget will be charged by a 800 mAh battery of severe little capability. Remarkably, this old-fashioned gadget will run Android 8.1 .

Pepito will be accompanied by provider Verizon in the United States. The handset will introduce in the United States currently. We are not well notified about thr rate, launch date and if it will be released with some other providers or not. More info will be exposed in course of time. An image has actually been dripped bur we are not exactly sure about the credibility of it.