BOSE is understood for making a few of the finest earphones offered around the world. Its Peaceful Convenience 25 earphones have actually been gotten exceptionally well. If you are considering a best fellow traveler, then previously, BOSE Quiet Convenience 25 might have been your ideal option. Now, with the follower on board, BOSE QC 35 II Wireless Bluetooth earphones, have actually handled to take much of the spotlight from its predecessor. As you currently understand, QC mean Peaceful Convenience. So, it is apparent that the gadget promises to provide you 2 advantages, one is the Peaceful environment with the help of sound cancellation innovation and the other one is the Convenience. If you compare QC 35 II with its predecessor QC 25, then the previous one is a bit much heavier in weight compared to the latter one, however you will discover it just if you have actually utilized QC 25 in the past.


Well, like any other BOSE items, the product packaging of the QC 35 II is classy and uber elegant. The white box with the profile of the QC 35 II makes you more ecstatic and analytical about the charm inside. The plan loads a tough bring case, which is difficult enough to keep your earphones safeguarded from any sort of unintended pressure, drop and damage. The other things that are likewise loaded, are USB charging cable television and an audio cable television for eavesdroping wired mode.

Convenience and Constructed Quality

The BOSE QC 35 II is exceptionally versatile. You can twist it and its tolerance limitation is incredibly fantastic. The artificial protein leather ear pads are fluffy, spongy and exceptionally charming and caring for your ears. Inside the earphones, the R and L suggests the right and left ear pieces respectively. It’s composed substantial, so that anybody can discover it in a single immediate. The leading cushioning that rests on your head is similarly soft and supplies fragile touch, alleviating the pressure as much as possible.

The Constructed Quality of the gadget is outstanding. As QC 35 II has actually been promoted the whole time as the ideal fellow traveler for you, then it is the obligation of the business to develop the earphones with the very best product and finest style. Peaceful convenience 35 II is comprised of corrosion-resistant, impact-resistant products and glass filled nylon products. However don’t believe, this extremely strong and consistent products will make your ears unpleasant- not! What you will feel on your head is the supreme high-end. The very strong, strong products are covered beneath, by Alcantara. Alcantara is a product, utilized in high-end automobiles and private yachts. This product will supply high-end convenience and relief to your ears and you can quickly utilize it your whole day.

Peaceful and Serene Audio Experience Thanks To Noise Cancellation

The next function that is its signature residential or commercial property is its sound cancelling capability. I have actually utilized it, and to be truthful, you cannot hear any sound of your environment, not even if individuals talking with you. So, there is no doubt on the potentiality of this function. The microphone is unquestionably remarkable as it chops of the jumbling sound around you and sends out just the words that you are speaking. The earphones are geared up with volume-optimized EQ, for an even much better sound totally free experience. If you switch on sound cancellation and after that listen to an extremely calming music, or noise of rains, or a number of relatable audios offered on YouTube, you can feel the complex information of the noise and you can feel the various subtleties of the noise in the music. The acoustic sound cancellation caters you well with the supreme cutting-edge, audio experience.

A wisely developed On-Device Control Buttons

Considering That, the QC 35 II is cordless earphones, the on-device control buttons are really essential. The earpieces have a power button to turn the gadget on and off, volume buttons, audio skips button, battery alert and Bluetooth lights and an Action button for interacting to Google Assistant and Alexa.

Long-term Battery Life

The battery life did impress me a lot! It supplies 20 hours of listening on a single charge. This is quite cool, specifically when you are on the go. An extra 15-minute charge is great to choose another 2.5 hours.

All In One App and AI app Interactivity

The Action button on your earphones, is for interacting with Artificial Intelligent app services like Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. You can ask the AI app a number of questions like instructions to a location, look for recommendations and practically whatever you ask Alexa or Google Assistant in your life.

Aside From this, the all in one application of BOSE uses all centers that exist in your gadget. You can check out each and every corner of the app and nurture your understanding and eagerness of this gadget. The BOSE Link App, as the name created to the app, serves you with every function that can improve your audio experience with QC 35 II.


The BOSE QC 35 II is certainly a treasured ownership in your life. If you have actually utilized QC 25 in the past, then your impression might not be as frustrating as a user who has QC 35 II Wireless as his/her very first high-end earphones. The rate of the gadget is around $350 in Amazon in the United States. You can improve offers throughout deals and plans.