Have you just recently transferred to an actually small location where you simply can’t fit another commode in? You might wish to keep a vulnerable gadget far from kids’s harmful video games when they are around; or perhaps you’ve chosen to begin making smarter purchasing options and end up being a minimalist.

In any case, you may be thinking about having your TELEVISION briefly concealed – for whatever factor. A fall TELEVISION lift system would be perfect – it is so hassle-free when you can make it vanish and clear some area whenever you require it. It can be easy and economical to make. In this short article we will inform you more about preparation and making a Do It Yourself fall TELEVISION lift.

What Is It a Fall TELEVISION Lift?

A fall TELEVISION lift system is a tool developed to raise or reduce a TELEVISION flat screen up versus the wall. It will normally be coming down from the ceiling. Among the most helpful functions of such a system is that it can be managed from another location and wirelessly. For this reason, you can eliminate it and bring it pull back when needed.

How to Make a Motorized Fall TELEVISION Lift

To make a good-quality lift, you need to initially begin by asking yourself about the attributes of your TELEVISION to customize the maker’s measurements for it and pick the best devices. You need to think about the size of your TELEVISION screen and the height at which you want to install it.

There are 3 designs of lifts: for 55”, 75”, and 95”. Their operation concept is based upon using direct actuators of various travel length, thus enabling various reducing range. Depending upon how high above the ceiling you desire your TELEVISION, you will require a direct actuator of greater travel length (if entirely concealed) or lower travel length. Hence, the TELEVISION will be hidden when the actuator is totally raised, and showed when it is totally extended. The very same concept uses to seeing height: the lower you desire your TELEVISION to be, the longer the travel length you will require.


Lastly, ensure that the lift suits your ceiling with its length of travel: the ceiling may not be thick adequate and for the system to be set up. This is identified by the length of a completely extended actuator: if you desire the ceiling to cover the TELEVISION, the vertical length needs to be higher.



You can likewise make a fall TELEVISION lift system with push-button control. This type of equipment will include a direct actuator whose action is controlled by a microcontroller with a cordless bluetooth connection. A choice that is most likely to fit most cases is Arduino Uno powered by an external energy source, with a system of switches to control the motion of the actuator.

Just How Much Does It Expense?

A package for an easy Do It Yourself style such as one explained above will have a typical expense of $350. Although it is a reasonable little bit of loan, you do conserve rather a lot: a ready-to-go lift system averages $500 – $700 in cost. A package like that generally consists of an actuator, slide rails, brackets, a power supply, push-button control, a wheel, and a drag chain.


If you have an interest in setting up a TELEVISION lift system in your living-room, you can conserve a great deal of loan by developing your own. To build an easy variation, you require to think about the size of your screen and the height above the ceiling that you wish to install it at. Various sets will have actuators of various course length depending upon the attributes you prefer. To streamline the job, you can think about buying a fall TELEVISION lift set.